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While you’ve undoubtedly had a LOT of success in your career, bringing your business online can be a daunting task.

My job is to help you navigate these waters so you become profitable faster.

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My Mission

is to help business owners in the wellness industries (such as doctors, licensed nurses, occupational/physical therapists, weight loss experts, psychologists, etc) start their online businesses so you can scale your impact and help more people while creating a balanced lifestyle that gives you more freedom.

I believe my system will help you bring your offline business online and quickly gain traction and momentum so you can become profitable faster.

What’s it like working with me?

Discovery Call

We will meet for @ 30 min. gratis, so we can see if we’re a match.

During this time, I’ll learn about your business & how you help people, and you’ll become familiar with me and how I work.

Together, we will decide if we want to continue together.


Strategy Plan

If we seem like good fit, we will then work together for 1 hour each week for 90 days

(Why 90 days? Because studies show that it takes 90 days for a business to gain traction and momentum).

This will be a period of growth for your new business!



You will have work to do each week, and I will keep you on track so your business hits the ground running.

Many times clients get caught in analysis paralysis or let all the decisions overwhelm them; part of my job is to help you avoid these pitfalls.

You likely have some idea of how you want your business to operate, and we will flesh out your plan so you can start implementing strategies to grow and scale your business right away.

During those 90 days, we will:

  • Determine a business model, including various sales offerings, such as digital courses or other premium packages
  • Sort out the tech and identify partners who can implement it for you, if necessary
  • Build traffic sources so your business has potential buyers for your products
  • Identify and implement marketing plans and potential media outlets to scale your business

In short, my job is to guide you through every aspect of bringing your offline business online so you don’t have to question yourself, backtrack, get overwhelmed, and make costly mistakes (or worse – not make ANY progress at all).

What do other people say about working with me?

Oooh, I just watched the first video! I am impressed and reassured by the fact that you will teach us what we need to know!

~Cath Hakanson

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