What if one product alone brought an additional $10,000 a year to you, completely behind the scenes? (And you didn’t have to have those icky awkward sales conversations?).

In this article, I’m taking you behind the curtain of my home and garden blog, FrugalChicken, and showing you the $10 ebook which added an additional $10,000 to my business’s profits. The particular product that we’re using as a case study in this article is a niche book titled Chickens: Naturally Raising A Sustainable Flock.


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Before we get started, there’s 3 things I want to point out:


  • First, yes, this is completely passive income. I wrote the ebook in 2016, as well as the sales pages, and I haven’t done much since except update the sales pages as my copywriting and graphic design skills improved.
  • Second, while I have run a few Facebook ads for it, the truth is I don’t have to run ads for it to sell, so the income it brings is pure profit. Imagine being able to keep all the income you make (except taxes, of course – but then there’s always a way to write things off!).
  • Finally, we haven’t done ANY media relations or run any publicity campaigns for this book, so the copies that have sold have been completely organic and behind-the-scenes. (For the 2nd edition, we are going to seek publicity for it, so I expect sales to rise in proportion.)


You may not believe me (but it’s true!), Chickens: Naturally Raising A Sustainable Flock took me about 10 hours total to write. Most of the chapters had already been written as blog articles, so all it took was smoothing the language out, organizing everything, and then filling in subject areas I wanted to add to the book.


Let me just mention that the profits generated equate to $1,000 per hour of effort, and it’s something I can sell for the rest of my life (and my children can sell, and my children’s children…you’re seeing how valuable these products can be over the course of time). In fact, the profit level per book sold keeps me from pursuing a traditionally-published book contract. I have yet to see a publisher that will pay $10 per-unit-royalty (I’m sure there are exceptions, but those exceptions are neither you nor I!).


So, how do you get started writing your own book? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who is the book for?
  • What are they struggling with?
  • What are they willing to pay for?


The last question is critical. People generally pay for something that hits one of the basic human needs:

  • Health
  • To be accepted or loved
  • To increase prestige
  • To save time
  • To make or save money.


A close one (that usually isn’t mentioned) is to keep their pets healthy. If you look at any product on the market, they fit into one of these categories, and it’s what people will pay for.


I write my books in Google Documents so they’re safe even if my computer crashes (and that’s happened). Once they’re finished, I convert them to PDF. For my newest book, Organic By Choice: The (Secret) Rebel’s Guide To Backyard Gardening, I’m hiring a professional to layout the book, but this step isn’t strictly necessary.


One question you might have is how I decided on the price (and you probably think your product should be sold for more than $10 – and maybe it should!). Realistically, you can price your book at whatever your market will bear. For FrugalChicken’s audience, for the subject matter, and for the product itself, $10 is the price the market will pay.


I knew this from research and from testing different price points on this particular ebook. So, my suggestion, if you don’t already know your market’s price points, would be to decide how much money and time you want to dump into testing and go from there.


Finally, I should also point out that the audience for FrugalChicken is enormous. The blog gets anywhere from 300,000 to 350,000 pageviews a month. I add between 75 to 250 new people to my potential customer list every DAY. And, of course, as the blog grows, so does the amount of ebooks we sell, and we are introducing more e-books this year to multiply this passive income. You can learn how I built my following hereSo, just remember that in addition to writing an ebook, it’s important to also build an audience for your business.


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