I’ve decided for the time being to start publishing blogging income reports, hoping that someone finds them inspirational.

I won’t reveal numbers in these reports, just percentages. Rest assured that even though I won’t reveal raw numbers because I’m too private, you can rest assured that the percentages are the real deal. I will reveal the raw traffic numbers as well as percentages.


We saw growth in March, especially in some exciting areas. The most exciting area of growth is in ebook sales. This is a $10 ebook about raising backyard chickens that we’ve been promoting via Facebook ads. It’s always sold well, but we saw a huge jump in sales once we started promoting it via ads. 

We also saw a jump in ad income, largely because we had an increase in traffic due to some new Pinterest strategies we’ve been testing. Ad revenue increased 18.4%, while traffic increased 10.13% from 285,771 page views in February to 314,710 page views in March. We did not see a decrease in growth or income in any area of the blog in March.

With Facebook ads, we’ve zeroed in on the perfect audience, and we’ve been testing different strategies to use our investment the best. We’ve found that once we figured out the right audience, spending money on clicks to an article then retargeting a warm audience only with an invite to purchase the book was most effective.

Since we’ve had more success with Facebook ads, I finally got serious about building an audience on the platform, and added a sticky bar to the top of the website to continue to build our audience there. We’ve been adding 100 new followers a week with the sticky bar alone – yay! More people to target with ads!

In March, I expect to branch out with look-alike audiences and start reaching more cold audiences with ads to articles on the blog (and then retarget those audiences with ads for products – I don’t know which ones yet.)

The month ended with the following increases:

Chickens: Naturally Raising A Sustainable Flock: 221.4% increase in March after ad spend

Ad Revenue: 18.4% increase in March

Traffic: 10.13% increase in March

For next month, we are working on a new organic gardening book. This will be both a digital book we will sell on the blog and a physical book people can purchase off Amazon. The final price hasn’t been decided yet, but it will be low cost.

We are also continuing work on our low-cost membership site, which we expect to also premiere in April. This has been a pet project for a couple months, and is meant to test my persistent theory that low-cost, high volume works better in the blog’s particular market.

There’s also a couple other projects in the works for this summer that I can’t tell you about yet, but they’re really exciting! Stay tuned!

I hope this income report helps someone out. Be back next month with our April report!