One Niche $10 Ebook, 12 months, $10,000 Passive Profit

What if one product alone brought an additional $10,000 a year to you, completely behind the scenes? (And you didn’t have to have those icky awkward sales conversations?). In this article, I’m taking you behind the curtain of my home and garden blog, FrugalChicken,...

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March Blogging Income Report

  I've decided for the time being to start publishing blogging income reports, hoping that someone finds them inspirational. I won't reveal numbers in these reports, just percentages. Rest assured that even though I won't reveal raw numbers because I'm too...

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How My Blog Makes Money (and how it supports my family of 4)

I’m frequently asked by new bloggers (and sometimes more experienced bloggers or even business owners) how my website makes money so it brings in real revenue every month. In this article, I’m going to tell you the 3 different ways I bring consistent income to support...

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