If you’ve heard Pinterest is the new “in” social media platform to reach your ideal client, then you’ve heard right. But it’s not enough to have “a Pinterest presence.” To really dig into the goldmine that Pinterest can be, you need to use it strategically. In this article, I’m going to show you three tested strategies we’ve used to harness the power of Pinterest to grow our online sales.

Share your free articles on Pinterest consistently

Pinterest is a gold mine of opportunity. According to studies, 93% of Pinners make purchasing decisions on the platform.


What does this mean for you exactly? So, you know when you go to the mall or to Amazon, you’re already in the mood to buy so that random scarf or widget you never knew you needed suddenly is more interesting (don’t lie – we’ve all been there)? If you’re on Pinterest consistently, you’re more likely to be front and center when 93% of Pinners are shopping. (Don’t have time for this? My team can help you out – Contact Us).


In our studies, businesses that pinned consistently increased their profits 36%. But if you’re looking for REAL growth – once a week isn’t enough. Like anything else in life, you get out what you put in.

Use current trends to stay relevant & pique the interest of your ideal client


Capitalize on current trends to engage your prospective client. Remember Pokemon Go? Know how many businesses suddenly became more relevant JUST because they mentioned the viral game?


You can repeat this strategy (again and again) in your niche to stay in front of your ideal client. Do you see something coming up on your Facebook newsfeed that is relevant to your business? Find a way to include the trend in your next live stream or article. When something is on the top of our cultural consciousness, whether or not it actually effects our lives, we’re more likely to pay attention.

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Sharing useful articles on Pinterest = Pre-framing your prospective client


Above anything else, as service-based entrepreneurs, you want to be perceived as helpful and ready to solve your ideal clients problems. Useful articles are MUCH more likely to get shares and repins than simply sending people to a landing page for a freebie or to hire your services.


According to Pinterest, when asked why they saved pins, Pinterest users responded that if the content is “useful,” “helpful,” or “inspirational,” they’re more likely to repin it. In other words, sharing trends on the platform are influenced by how useful your content is.


My team has verified this with our own tests – in one study we did over a 3 month period, we shared hundreds of pins that lead to our own website. While in each cohort several pins lead to the exact same article, we varied the titles on our pins – some titles were more “useful” than others.


During this 90 day period, even though the pins lead to the exact same articles, images that were perceived as “useful,” such as seasonally-relevant and detailed guides, increased our click through rates from 20 clicks in 24 hours to 7,000 clicks in the same time period – and these were results we were reliably able to repeat again and again.


The equation is simple. Usefulness means more potential customers coming to your website.


Pinterest is an invaluable resource for online business owners. If you’re a service-based entrepreneur, it can be a goldmine – as long as you use the platform effectively.


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